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Shrimp maturation diet

Complete replacement of fresh and frozen feeds in shrimp broodstock diets.

Better nutritional profile.

Better performances.

No risk of pathogens.

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Marine Fish Broodstock

Nutritional additives for marine fish broodstock. ‘Tailor-made’ to species, nutritional profile requirements, spawning and any other needs. No more ‘off-the-shelf’ one size fits all. Tailored to the specific fish needs.

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Broodstock natural herbal additives

Unique natural herbal extracts formulation that boost the hormonal cycle in aquatic animals resulting in better broodstock spawning performances, higher larvae survival and growth, and reduced stress.

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Unique liquid feed for marine ornamentals

Nutraplus products are based on Dunaliella salina red algae, are the ideal feed for any marine aquarium – supplying all the needs for filter feeders as well as carnivorous and omnivorous species.

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  • Aquaculture

    The aquaculture range includes nutritional additives and micro alga concentrates....
  • Ornamental

    Several nutritional products available for the marine organisms grown in artificial conditions such as aquariums, reef systems and display tanks....
  • Health

    Aquaculture production and trade is being limited by disease outbreaks, nutrition and low larval survival. Microbial disease activity has increased...
  • Nutrition

    Nutrakol developed and manufactured several unique nutritional products aimed specifically at marine organisms cultured in intensive and/or extensive conditions. Nutrakol’s...