Shrimp and other crustacean aquaculture is booming around the world from South East Asia to South – Central America. However, there are still many ‘bottle-necks’ that impede the development of this industry. Nutrition of broodstock, larvae and post-larvae are still heavily reliant on fresh and frozen organisms which may act as pathogen transfer vectors, among other disadvantages.

Health management and reduction to stress susceptibility is still a major issue – with every life stage of shrimp. Viruses and other pathogens are still major threats for the viability of this industry.

Nutrakol’s approach to these issues is through a holistic and natural view. Our products are not aiming at the pathogen itself, but rather, improving the animal resistance, immune system and its nutrition and physiological condition.

Health & Nutrition

  • Nutrattract
    Grow out diets Fishmeal replacement diets are currently being developed and tested around the world. In some cases, plant-based proteins are already replacing substantial amounts of fishmeal (e.g. salmon diets). However, marine finfish diets are still, almost solely based on fishmeal as a protein source. One of the impediments for...
  • NutraMeta Enhance
    The metamorphosis stage in fish larvae marks the transition to the definitive phenotype of all the body systems, such as; digestive system, visual and olfactory, skeleton, muscles, skin, pigmentation and behaviour. This transformation process from ‘embryo’ to fully developed fish demands high physiological and nutritional resources from the larvae. Therefore,...
  • NutraParagone
    Parasites are an integral part of any aquatic environment and can often be found on wild fish. In aquaculture, where usually conditions are sub-optimal, chances of infection are increased through raised stress levels in fish which directly affects their immune response. Poor immune response reduces the ability of fish to...