Health & Nutrition

Due to the intensity of the modern aquaculture industry, the use of chemotherapeutics is wide spread and considered almost mandatory. This may lead to pathogen resistance, reduced growth and survival and environmental impacts.

Moreover, the intensity of culture, introducing new species and the need for out-of-season spawning, resulted in sub-optimal larvae growth and survival, reduced broodstock performances (or simply lack of spawning or gonadal development).

Nutrakol is taking a different approach to nutritional and health solutions for aquaculture species. We understand that fish species might have different requirements and therefore we are tailoring and optimizing our nutritional additives to species and/or nutritional and environmental requirements.

Our health solutions are solely based on natural herbal extracts that support the fish systems and increase its immunity. Resulting in better performances, growth and survival without the risk of pathogen resistance or any environmental impact.

Nutrakol products are currently being used with both marine fish and crustaceans around the world with great success.